Pamela Mayer, AuthorCritique Service

Are you interested in becoming a published writer?

I offer children's picture book critiques for serious writers who want to take their work to the next level.

The fee is $100 and includes a line edit, as well as an overview summary. I may also include a reading list. I bring my experience as a published picture book writer, as well as a children's librarian. I have read literally thousands of children's books, and your work will be held to a high standard. That's important in this competitive marketplace.

Please do not send me rhyming texts. Not because I don't love them, I do, but I am not a poet. A poet is best qualified to give you guidance in this area.

Please e-mail your manuscript to

I will return your manuscript within six weeks.

Iím thrilled with Pamela Mayerís critique of my story, The Great Rosh Hashanah Hunt. Pamela encouraged me while giving concrete suggestions for improving my work. Her critique started off analyzing big picture issues such as plot and character development. Then she delved into the details by giving me feedback on particular problem sentences. My revised story is simpler and more enjoyable to read. I feel more confident trying to get the story published after incorporating Pamelaís feedback.
- Naomi Herman, aspiring author