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I'm proud to announce my book "Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup", is now available.
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Pamela Mayer, AuthorWelcome

I am delighted you have chosen to visit my website. You will find information here about me, my books, my presentations and my current projects. Humor is an important feature of everything I write because I love to laugh. I think that the humor within the story is part of the exciting mystery of life. For example, on my walk today I saw a hat, a man's black top hat, sitting in a field. How did it get there? And why? I don't know, but when I use my imagination I can think of many strange, and funny, possibilities. I'll bet you can too. If you'd ever like to write to me about something you think is funny, or share a favorite joke or riddle, just e-mail me. Perhaps I'll feature your joke on my website one day! For now, here is one of my favorite silly riddles:

What is the tallest building in the world?"
"The public library because it has the most stories."

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